Radio Tweets

Ute Wassermann, voice, bird whistles
Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, speaker, objects

photo by Gunnar Lettow

Radio Tweets is a collaborative project of Ute Wassermann and Birgit Ulher which is focused on the preparation of trumpet and voice.
Birgit Ulher distributes radio noise inside the trumpet using a trumpet mute with extended speakers. Being transmitter and receiver at the same time the trumpet provides an acoustic chamber and becomes a modulator for radio noise. In addition Birgit Ulher holds metal sheets in different ways against the bell of the trumpet. With this extension of her instrument she creates various multiphonics and splitting - sounds.
Ute Wassermann defamiliarises the sound of her voice using a variety of palate whistles and bird whistles. She creates a hybrid vocal instrument with multiphonic, oscillating and swirling tone - colours and explores the multifaceted area between voice and whistle-instrument.

Radio Tweets showcases the acoustic edge of instrumental trumpet and vocal interplay. Both musicians create monolithic sound fields with complex inherent structures ranging from monochrom white noise to superimposed dense textures.

Ute Wassermann and Birgit Ulher are working together since 15 years and just released their second CD 'Radio Tweet'.

'Radio Tweet finds imaginary birds in full flight'. - Julian Cowley, The Wire

'One can do nothing else but listen closely to this music and be sucked into the sound world of these two musicians. Open up your ears and mind and something beautiful will unfold.... Excellent work'. - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

'Simply put, these women can't fail; and indeed, they didn't....At the same time it remains entirely comprehensible, funny, and utterly gratifying for the ears'. - Massimo Ricci, touchingextremes

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