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Bell Miners Bridge

for trumpet, radio, speaker and objects (2021) by Birgit Ulher
commissioned and supported by FONT Festival of New Trumpet Music N.Y.
recording and editing by Andrew Levine

Bell Miners Bridge

FONT - Thoughts and Observations from a Fellow Trumpeter

Birgit, for me there is a direct element of theater in your piece. You are situated on a path, under a bridge, on the edge of a stream or water way. Intermittently, you play different qualities of tone and pitch from your cornet, while looking, seeing who or what might next appear. It is as if you the interlocutor, speaking to the reverberant air, are waiting for or even calling to someone or something to arrive and it is never completely clear if those persons who walk, bicycle or kayak past you, are the ones you expect. Intervals of time pass, through which you augment your playing with different textures, pitches, and particular strategies of placement, and the sequences of sound seem to be affected by the sequence of wayfarers who happen upon you. These moments of waiting, of discourse, and of discovery are uniquely qualified by every statement in sound you make, in concert with those who enter into view, producing a kind of thematic, if not narrative course. I particularly like the moment when you yourself, stop playing, and become a traveler. It has a feeling reminiscent of Samuel Beckett’s works, though not necessarily “Godot”. You and your cornet are, as is Axel Dörner in his Scheinbar, exactly where you need to be, and there is nothing odd, or out of place about communicating through sound or music anywhere, and at anytime. Thank you for your fascinating film.

Erol Tamerman, Festival of new trumpet music

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