Radio Silence 5 solo, radio, speaker, mutes

Polare Kaltluft solo-CD 'Hochdruckzone', radio, speaker, mutes, objects

34 gr with Nordzucker: Michael Maierhof and Lars Scherzberg

Glorp with Gino Robair

Physical with Lucio Capece

Stoff 1 with Ute Wassermann

Araripepipra with Gregory Büttner

Kongamato with Gregory Büttner

Auflast with Christoph Schiller

Impulse 5 Myelin with Heddy Boubaker

I Did. Did I Stereo Trumpet with Leonel Kaplan


speaker 1

speaker 2

Proportions Part I, AIR-MEXICO 2016


NORDZUCKER concert in Berlin 2016, Dec.20th

Traces Chicago - for Trumpet, Objects and Tape

Punto de Ecuentro, Festival Internacional de la Cultura Maya, Mérida, Mexico

Umbral 2° Aniversario, Yume, Esacandon DF, Mexico City

Umbral 2° Aniversario, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Mexiko

Luftwerk LoopAlley 02
Flow - a site-specific light installation by Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero
Traces - for trumpet, radio, speaker, objects and tape by Birgit Ulher
Chicago 2014

The Renaissance Society Chicago presents:
Birgit Ulher and Eric Leonardson, October 9. 2013

BARBS: Birgit ulher, AndRew drury, Bill hSu
Harvestworks, New York, 9-26-13

Réplica: Felipe Araya and Birgit Ulher
Tsonami Festival 2012 in Valparaiso, Chile

Stark Bewölkt Quartett, blurred edges festival 2012, Hamburg

Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, speaker, objects
Teni Zvuka Festival 2012, St. Petersburg

Ute Wassermann, voice
Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, mutes, speaker
Chris Heenan, contrabass clarinet, saxofon
Gregory Büttner, computer, objects, speaker
9-2-2012, Sowieso, Berlin-Neukölln

Birgit Ulher + Gregory Büttner at Avantgarde Festival 2011

Video: Michael Maierhof, Musik: Birgit Ulher & Forbes Graham
live recording Stark Bewölkt at Hörbar, 14.9.2011 Hamburg

Nordzucker at katarakt 32

Myelin: Heddy Boubaker & Birgit Ulher, Densités Festival 2009

Live 16-6-07, h7 club für improvisierte Musik, Blinzelbar

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Rhodri Davies, harp
Ulrich Phillipp, doublebass
video by Heiner Metzger

Wake Up by Allory & Calzadilla

Light- and Soundinstallation "Wake Up" by Allory & Calzadilla at the Renaissance Society in Chicago, music by Paul Smoker, Leonel Kaplan, Mazen Kerbaj, Franz Hautzinger, Natsuki Tamura, Birgit Ulher, Ingrid Jensen, Steven Burns and Jamie Branch.

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